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Are You Using Secure Software?


If you are using Skype and Dropbox for your personal use you may be ok but you may want to think twice about using them for things that you need to keep secure. The EFF has released a scorecard that rates over 40 different messaging services on seven point ranging from encryption to code audits. This scorecard was launched late 2014 but has been kept updated  with the most recent change being 2016/3/13. Of the most commonly used applications FaceTime and iMessage are only popular messaging apps that are relatively secure, and there are quite a few apps that have been developed and been marketed as secure which score higher still.


For the full list follow this link.

In more recent news last friday at the ABA Techshow there was a panel called “Can They Hear Me Now? Practicing Law in an Age of Mass Surveillance” There is an excellent report that can be found here but there are several very import points that they cover but don't elaborate much on.

The main thing is that security is an ongoing process that requires work and you will never be perfect or done. Everything is the field is evolving and changing so even if you were secure a few months ago you may not be now. You should research the software you are using and see if they have a history of strong or weak security or if any new problems have been discovered, and when you are making changes and upgrades to software make security a priority. Often there are more secure alternatives to popular applications, a good example cited is SpiderOak as a good alternative to Dropbox.