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Business Process Mapping Webinar




Logos of Idealware, LAF Chicago, and LoL Legal Assistance

We had a good turnout for this week’s webinar, if you missed it or if you want a refresher you can watch it here. In this webinar we talked about what process mapping is, how to apply it, and then some discussion of how the panelists have used it themselves.



Karen Graham, Idealware

Vivian Hessel, LAF Chicago

Susan Zielke, Land of Lincoln Legal Assistance


As usual we also have the accompanying slides and a survey.


And finally we have some sample works from the speakers


Some sample case acceptance policies for various topics.

Bankruptcy CAPS

Consumer CAPS

Education CAPS

Family Standardization CAPS


Land of Lincoln's LARC High Level Intake Process, both a draft and the final copy

LARC Intake Draft

LARC Intake Final