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Captioning Your videos


Recently our friends at have added close captioning to all of their videos and have been kind enough to share some of their findings with us. They cover the why, the how, and some best practices. For those of you using other services like Vimeo the process is similar, the only difference is instead of using the application built into YouTube you use one like Amara. It takes a couple extra steps but is a straightforward.

it is also worth mentioning that sometimes it might make sense to pay someone to do the subtitling for you. You might need them in a language you don't have a speaker for or it might just be a lot cheaper than taking hours of working time away from an attorney. Captioning a video is probably going to take you somewhere around 6-10 minutes for each minute of video and the prices generally range from 3-10 dollars per minute of video. If you do go this route then do a lot of research, there is a lot of variation in quality with some of the cheaper services being provided speech to text programs, overseas labor, or just plain having hidden fees. If you are looking at outsourcing a large quantity be sure to start by having them do one or two small videos so you can get an idea of the quality and turnaround you can expect.