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Deverse: Mobile Solutions Empowering Social Orginazitions


Deverse Logo

Deverse is a diverse organization of developers that teach coding to make a difference. Their mission is to empower social impacting organizations with technological solutions, and to simultaneously provide opportunities for students to engage in the technology sector by connecting these two parties.


Deverse equip Deversers, typically young adults at university and aspiring leaders, with the tools and knowledge of mobile app development. In turn they provide tailored mobile solutions for social organizations.


Deverse provides end-to-end development of mobile smartphone apps, and plans on adding cross-platform web development. It can be hard for social organizations to invest in technology solutions, Deverse aims to alleviate these challenges and reduce costs through the development of student-based programs. These programs are created with a combination of the internal staff and Deversers. Deversers implement the core functionalities of the software while staff provide quality assurance and developmental assistance. In addition to mobile app development Deverse creates and maintains the necessary backend infrastructure for the software as well as guarantees future updates and development.

Summer Apps Program

In the past Deverse has worked on App for Humanity, a program that developed mobile iOS and Android apps for the Peace Corps at Boston College. The Deverse Summer Apps Program is currently running in Boston and  this fall it is expecting to established branches at multiple universities, each ready to take on more projects.


They can be found at, for inquiries or specific questions email them at Their main social media outlets are facebook and twitter