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Future Proofing Your Projects


Presented by
  • Xander Karsten - Legal Server
  • Jack Haycock - Pine Tree Legal
  • Kathleen Caldwell - Pine Tree Legal
  • Sheila Fisher - North Penn Legal Services
  • Christopher Alfano - Illinois Legal Aid Online
  • Mirenda Meghelli (moderator) - Pro Bono Net

Today we hosted a webinar that covered some of the things an organization can do now to reduce the chances of something in the future happening to mess everything up. We cover what can be done both on an individual level and on a project level, the core points for each are as follows.
For People
  • Don’t just document what you do, take some time to explain why. If the next people don’t understand why they are doing things they will have a harder time improving on the process and are more likely to misapply it.
  • Start documenting things yesterday and incorporate documentation as a step in your workflow. It’s much easier to document things as you go than it is to sum up years of work at the very end, and the results will be much better to boot. Also remember that while you can predict your retirement it’s much harder to predict getting hit by a bus, unexpected leave of absences happen and good documentation smooth things out.
  • If you can arrange overlapping time between someone exiting a position and the person filling it.
        For Projects
  • Make sure the workload is well distributed and people are familiar with what role everyone plays. Make sure that no one person is so critical that their removal will sink the project.
  • Find a project management tool that works for you and use it, there are lots of good ones that can be used for free.
We have also split one section of this video off into it’s own video, Christopher Alfano of ILAO did such a good job covering A2J Author vs HotDocs we have split it into it’s own video so It’s easier for people to find in the future, be sure to check out the A2J Author vs HotDocs video here.