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Improving your Website series



Thanks to our friends at Idealware we have a new five part video series on good website design focused on looking at your existing site and improving it. To go along with these videos we have five worksheets that will help you evaluate how your website does in the different areas. 

Defining Your Website Goals

This video starts you determining and prioritizing your goals. It gives a few tips on how you can find out what your goals are and how to optimize your homepage to reflect that.

Defining Your Website Worksheet

Is Your Site Usable?

This video is covers things like determining exactly who you want the site to be usable for, formatting tips, and how to determine how usable your site is to begin with.

Is Your Site Usable Worksheet

Improving Your Website's Accessibility

This videos outlines all the things you should consider to make your website as accessible  as possible. It also suggests a lot of great tools for helping determine how accessible your site really is.

Improving Your Website's Accessibility Worksheet

Auditing Your Website's Design, Content, and Forms

This video looks at what your website tells your visitors about you. It delves into specifics of things like how to how to design forms and things to consider 

Auditing Your Website Worksheet

Optimizing Your Website for Search Engines

This video helps you help search engines find your site faster. It explains how search engines work how to make a search friendly site, and mentions Google Grants.

Optimizing Your Website Worksheet