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Learn The Law


Lean the LawLearn The Law is a repository for useful classes, checklists, and trainings that are community created and freely available. Here they take legal problems and break them down into small steps and then walk the user through them one at a time.


Checklists are an underrated tool, the book The Checklist Manifesto was written on the topic and and was one of the inspirations for Learn The Law. In addition to going into a lot of detail on how they work and how to make good checklists it explores some of the stories of how they are being used around the world.


Without diving too deep here a few of the things checklists can do


  • Break large tasks into manageable pieces

  • Insure no details are missed

  • Visually progress through a task


Here is a screenshot from one of the checklists. We can see it has broken the task down into discrete tasks, provided guidance and the resources required at each step, and shows visually how far along in the process we are. This is simple enough that someone representing themselves could use this, at the same time an attorney can use this as they go to double check and make sure they didn’t overlook any steps.


Creating your own checklist is easy, there are detailed instructions provided here. Pretty much anything which as a definite start and end and doesn’t have very much variation is suitable for adaption. The value of these resources grows exponentially with the amount of content so I strongly encourage everyone to check this out and if it seems like something that would be handy make something. Remember that you don’t have to start from scratch, if there is something you like that is for another state there is a good chance you can reuse some of the structural elements.


This video is a bit old but some of the people involved in Learn the Law talk about it.