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LSC Grantee Technology Data


LSC has released this year's stats on what technology everyone is using. It has been split up into three sections, legal aid specific technology like A2J Author and HotDocs, more general software like browsers and word processors, and how the computers are networked, this includes things like how files are shared on the network and remote access.


This data is a handy resource for everyone ranging from those looking to develop applications or systems for nonprofits to people that just are just unhappy with a piece of technology they are using and want to see what the community has gravitated towards. One


One of the statistics that really jumped out at me was the fact that 90% of the grantees do not use AdWords. Google offers nonprofits $10,000 worth of advertising per month for free and it blows my mind that more people aren't taking advantage of it.


 The other thing I found surprising is the fact that people have moved away from XP and to 7 so quickly, I expect Windows 10 will start getting users but even in that case it's convenient to know that almost everyone in the community will be using one of the two operating systems. Not having to worry about supporting any other version of Windows not to mention Mac or Linux makes it a lot easier to design and text applications.