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Opening for Staff Technologist - Center on Privacy and Technology

This could be your new workplace

If you have a very strong tech background, interest in tech policy, and are willing to move to DC to do research with Paul Ohm there is a job you are going to want to check out.

You will have three main duties
  • You will work with Paul on original research at the intersection of privacy, law, and technology. Results will be presented in journals and at conferences.
  • You will help teach law students about technology.
  • You will work at the Center for Privacy & Technology to educate policy makers.
The base requirements for this job are threefold.
  • Bachelor’s minimum with Master’s prefered is Computer Science or related field.
  • Strong proficiency in programing.
  • Strong proficiency in both verbal and written communication.
For the full description of the the job check out Paul’s post here.
To apply take a look at the official post here
As might be expected an ideal candidate will have some experience teaching and public speaking. Also nice is some expertise in some of the more fundamental tech fields like network security and how the internet and it’s underlying protocols work.

Most importantly of all you should be prepared to defend your stance on emacs versus vi.