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Outlook Tip and Tricks with Q&A


0:00:00 folder manipulation and management
0:07:00 search/filter
0:14:12 Quick Access Toolbar
0:17:37 People Pane
0:20:10 Conversation View
0:25:50 Quick Steps
0:30:00 Auto Create
0:33:40 Q&A: Printing PDFs from email
0:35:45 Q&A: Assigning Color to emails
0:40:25 Calender 
1:05:40 Q&A: Calendar sharing
1:11:14 Q&A: Changing the Order of Contacts
1:15:22 Q&A: Calendar View
1:16:00 Q&A: What/Where is the Journal Function
1:19:00 Q&A: Import/Export Contact Groups

Today we hosted a webinar where we went over the intricacies in some of the basic functions in Outlook.

The topics we covered included.

  • Good organizational practices.

  • Efficient sorting and searching of mail.

  • The importance of right clicking

  • How to customize the interface to suit your needs

  • The importance of categories

  • How to use the Calendar

  • How to manage and organize contacts

  • and much more

Learning and using these skills will help us all spend less time getting more done with Outlook.

The recording of the webinar will be posted early next week, A detailed training guide can be found at the Outlook training PDF, next week a video of the session will be uploaded.