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29 founders Sandro Tuzzo and Larry Maloney have an ambitious goal, they aim to do to family law what TurboTTax has done for filing taxes. They have are are simplifying the process and pushing it online, and they are starting with divorces.


Tuzzo has been a divorce lawyer for 15 years, Maloney created the first smartphone virus scanner and is one of the Founders of Hacker Dojo. is an online web application that helps users fill out, file, and serve divorce papers online. The user will answer questions one at a time and the application will use that to determine what forms are needed and plug the data in at appropriate points. is a corperation not a legal firm, should the process reach a point where a lawyer or other professional needs to get involved the user will be reffered out.


The are currently launching in California with plans to follow with Texas and New York, and then geographically from there.

To briefly editorialize this is quite exciting, this is someone taking what we are starting to do and trying to blow it up on a much larger scale. I see two main potential benefits of this for us in legal aid. One is we can learn from watching, it’s nice to be able to learn from the mistakes and successes of other, the other is if we are lucky might share some of their tools and data with us.