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ShareLaw Templates: Security Deposits and Breaking Rental Agreements

ShareLaw Templates: Security Deposits and Breaking Rental Agreements
We have 2 more templates from Atlanta Legal Aid Society, no scripts this time but we have every thing else you create a custom video for your organization.

To use these resources fill in the appropriate information into the slides and then using video editing software add them to the provided video. If you need to change some of the wording it would be worth spending an afternoon recording new audio to replace the existing.

All the resources here and much more can be found over at
If you are new to editing and don’t already have software you are familiar with there are two free tools you can use to create a video.
For the PC there is Movie Maker. Movie Maker is part of the Windows Essentials pack along with tools like Messenger and OneDrive. Movie Maker is no longer being actively supported by Microsoft but it can still be downloaded and run.
For the Mac there is iMovie, Apple’s free video editor. Using it is straightforward but if you need help Atlanta Legal Aid has created a guide to walk you through the process. All new Macs should ship with iMovie but if you need to download it for some reason you can use the link below.