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ShareLaw Updates + Video Guides


Hosted by Atlanta Legal Aid Society.
Presented by
Gab Rich - Share Law Video Paralegal Atlanta Legal Aid Society
Brian Rowe - Northwest Justice Project
Kristin Verrill - Director of Grants and Innovation Atlanta Legal Aid Society
This week we had a great webinar where we explored some of the new changes to ShareLaw and then did quick two quick run throughs of using the resources from ShareLaw to create new videos.
My two favorite changes that have been made to ShareLaw are the removal of barriers and the new discovery tools. Getting access to ShareLaw is easier than it ever has been, you longer need to register and login to see what materials are available. Instead the website asks for a small information whenever you download something, a far less painful process.
For discovery we now have the ability to sort through resources by filtering for tags this provides another way to find the resources you are looking for. When you are trying to find resources for a video you might not have something specific enough in mind that you can find it with a search, filters will be what helps you find the resources.
To go with this overview of ShareLaw we have also done two video walkthroughs where we use a template and turn it into a video in ten minutes. One of the video uses iMovie which comes Apple devices for free while the other uses Movie Maker which can be downloaded from Microsoft.