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Webinar: Assessing Your Security + Bonus Video

Anyone handling sensitive information in this day and age needs to to have a solid security setup and a plan for when something goes wrong. This webinar aims to get you looking at your security with fresh eyes and give you an outline of an action plan. This is the sort of thing you want to figure out now, doing so will teach you how reduce the chances of a breach and mitigate the damage if one still does happen.
Joshua Peskay is the co-founder of RoundTable Technology and an Idealware Expert Trainer
Peter Campbell CIO at LSC
Some resources created by RoundTable Technologies have been included below.
This video is very well produced and is suitable for using as a short training. Along with this video there are some templates that can be adapted to your exact needs.
Backups, Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity (and the differences between them)