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Webinar: Intro to Git, GitHub, and Bitbucket

Presented by Gwen Daniels of Illinois Legal Aid Online
Source control is an important tool when you are working on any large or long running tech project. Basically what it does is store every change you make, it lets you have every version of the project at your fingertips.
This can helpful for a couple reasons. If you have multiple people working on the same project source control will help them stay synchronized. Sometimes you will have been working on something and realize it would be really handy to be able to see what it looked like two years ago, source control makes that easy. Other times you might want to try something novel on the project, with source control you can create a branch that is isolated from the main project to try that idea out. If it turns out well you can then merge it back into the main project, if it isn’t so good then you can just kill it.
In this webinar we go into more detail on the benefits and walk through how to use some of the most popular tools for source control. By the end you should be familiar with all the commands that are used to do 95% of the work with git, and the resources provided below will give you a chance to try out your new skills and learn about the remaining 5%.
The slides used in this webinar can be found at
The 15 minute interactive introduction to git can be found here
A nice guide that explains the different work flows
(also has a lot of other bits of handy information on git)
If you want a couple cheat sheets to refer to
More information and download links for Git, GitHub, and Bitbucket can be found below.
A link to the Bitbucket homepageA link to the Git homepageA link to the GitHub Homepage