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Webinar: LSC Tech Baselines 2017


This morning we had a great talk where we went through the LSC Tech Baseline. We covered many topics ranging from how many tech people should your organization have to how to manage your social media presence to how to approach security.


Most of these topics we would need to do one or more full length webinars to do them justice, fortunately for a few of them we have. If you look through the NTAP Youtube channel you can see videos we have done that cover many of these topics including social media, security, and VoiP and unified communications /blatantplug. Watching this and going over the document will give you enough knowledge to make a plan and identify where to start to improve how your organization uses technology.


You can see the official document for the LSC Tech Guidelines here, and the slides we used for the presentation here.


Presented  by:

Jeff Hogue of LegalServer

Jane Ribadeneyra of LSC

William Guyton of Legal Aid Services of Oklahoma

Brian Rowe of LSNTAP