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The Mobile Web Development Guide for Legal Aid


This guide should be considered as an updated version of of the original guide written by David Bonebrake and Scott Friday in 2009. While there is a lot of overlap, this version includes information about new mobile technologies and legal aid projects that have developed in the last two years.

This guide provides an overview of the mobile web and mobile web development for the legal aid community. 

  • Sections I and II explore the growing importance of this emerging technology and discuss the existing mobile landscape.
  • Section III focuses on how legal aid programs can develop an effective mobile web strategy and properly convert existing legal content to a mobile site. 
  • Sections IV, V and VI walk readers through the technical side of mobile web development, including the different approaches legal aid sites can take to establish a mobile presence..
  • The guide concludes with a list of resources for further research.

Throughout the guide, the authors have tried to identify special considerations that differentiate the building of mobile-optimized legal aid websites from general mobile web development. Legal aid websites are often more robust than other categories of legal sites, such as law firm pages or legal blogs, and also have a different target audience: low-income people in need of legal assistance. We welcome feedback from the legal aid community on how to improve this resource, especially as it relates to developing sites that meet the needs of legal aid clients and advocates.

A Serbo-Croation translation of this page by Jovana Milutinovich is available here.


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