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Additional Resources


Watch & Listen - Multimedia Resources:

MIT Mobile Web and MIT's Vision for Mobility MIT's Mobile Platform Manager and Architect Andrew Yu discusses the development considerations that went into MIT's mobile sites. The MIT sites are widely-recognized as excellent mobile adaptations.

The Open Web Goes Mobile Part of the Google Tech Talks Series, developer Peter-Paul Koch discusses the challenges of developing mobile websites and proposes the creation of a universal W3C standard for creating small and large applications for the mobile web.

Going Mobile: The Rise of the Mobile Platform Technology lawyers Dennis Kennedy and Tom Mighell explore the significant growth of the mobile web in 2009. This podcast looks at the move from phones used primarily for calls and emails to application-based mobile computing.

NPR Technology: Young Latinos, Blacks Answer Call of Mobile Devices - an NPR report on the growth of mobile usage among Blacks and Latinos and the impact of mobile on the digital divide.


Dig Deeper - Mobile Web Books:

Mobile Design and Development O'Reilly Media's Guide for mobile provides a good starting point for mobile web design and development.

DLAW and Drupal Resources:

DrupalCamp NY 2009 - Basics of Making Mobile Sites (with Drupal
) Presentation notes from DrupalCamp Presentation.'s Mobile Group Discuss mobilization efforts in Drupal with a growing community of developers.

Coldfusion Resources:

General Mobile Development Resources: