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2018 Innovations in Technology Conference Hackathon


Heads up to every one going to Innovations in Technology Conference (formerly known as TIG Conference). The day before the conference starts LSC will be hosting a Legal Aid Hackathon, a one day event where everyone forms teams and builds something that improves access to justice. Last year the hackathon produced things like the WriteClearly Google App which can easily be used to test a piece of text for readability and a white paper for an open data standard for grants to make it easier for organizations to efficiently manage multiple grants.


This event is open to everyone. Technical skills are great to have but we also need legal professionals, project managers, and people with deep understandings of the issues. If you aren’t attending the conference or can’t make it out a day early no problem, you can also attend the hackathon remotely.


You can register for the hackathon here.

You can learn more about the hackathon here.