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Copyright and Creative Commons Guide for Legal Services


NTAP has just published a new guide on the basics of Copyright and Creative Commons for Legal Services.  It focus on the basics of copyright and where to find free content for videos or blogs. There is a whole chapter on best practices here is a sample:

Affixing a license to your work on the Internet is pretty easy. Most places you’ll upload to (Flickr, YouTube, etc) will have a way to specify which license you’d like, or you can embed it in the work itself. For example, the Northwest Justice Project embeds Creative Commons icons in its videos at the end of the presentation.

The complete guide is attached:

The Legal Services Organization’s Guide to Copyright Law (& How to Make it Work For You) by Liz Leman and Brian Rowe, Legal Services National Technology Assistance Project.

Please share, reuse or remix this guide. 

A huge thanks to Liz Leman, our AmeriCorps VISTA co-author on this work!