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How to design an effective website for legal aid orgs


A 5 part video series on "Website Design" by idealware is part of our online training and covers important aspects one must consider when creating a legal aid organization's website. We added closed captioning to this series to improve the accessibility of these videos.

'Defining Your Website Goals' - Helps you narrow your website's goals to make sure it fulfills it's purpose in the most effective way possible.

'Is your Website Usable?' - Describes ways to ensure your website is usable and valuable to your audience. 

'Improving Your Website's Accessibility' - Explains how to make your website accessible to all, including those with disabilities or other limitations, so as to provide equal access to justice for everyone.

'Auditing Your Website's Design, Content, and Forms' - Describes the importance of the content, appearance and navigation of your website and the message it sends to your audience.

'Optimizing Your Website For Search Engines' - Explains how to optimize your website's content so it appears more prominently in search results.

This video series, along with all of our online training videos, are archived on our Youtube channel NTAPvideos. Please subscribe to our channel!