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How to Make & Test Videos (with Limited Time & Money)


If you create print publications to inform your communities about their legal rights and responsibilities, videos can amplify your educational outreach efforts.

Below, you can download a copy of a 10-page Guide called, "How to Make & Test Videos (with Limited Time & Money)."

This guide will help you start making and fieldtesting videos within a few weeks and with minimal cost.

This guide is for you if you work at a legal services organization with limited time and money AND
• You have never made a legal education video OR
• You have made a legal education video, but don’t know how (or even if) it works for your community.

Why make videos?
• Many people learn through visual and moving images, rather than text alone
• Videos can complement your in-person educational outreach events
• Videos posted online counteract misinformation by changing search results
• Videos can connect viewers to your print publications and direct services

Steps to Making and Testing Videos
1. Ask your community to suggest a topic. 
2. Write a script with pictures and movement. 
3. Create a series of visual images with text. 
4. Record voice-over narration. 
5. Edit audio tracks and visual images in an editing program.
6. Show the draft video to a community group and listen up!
7. Change the video based on the community feedback.

This guide also includes:

• Recommended Resources, Software and Hardware 
• Video Guidelines & Test Questions 
• Sample Script Template 
• Video Starter Pack. Free images you can use in your video. 

How to Make and Test Videos with Limited Time and Money - 10 pages.pdf

Video Guidelines and Test Questions Checklist - 1 page.pdf