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May Postings

We have a few more organizations that are looking for help, if you are looking for work take a minute to see if any of these requests interest you.
    RFP for Spanish Intake Application for LSNV
First up Legal Services of Northern Virginia has a RFP up for someone to design, develop, and publish an A2J Online intake Application in Spanish. The deadline for applications is coming up pretty soon, responses are due May 12th, 2017 or about 6 days from this posting going up.

If this is something that looks interesting take a look at the full Legal Services of Northern Virginia RFP here.
    RFP for Marketing Campaign for FJTC
Next up we have the Florida Justice Technology Center’s RFP for a person or firm to help design and run a marketing campaign for their updated website. This campaign will include both developing print ads, printed materials such as flyers and posters, and a constant stream up updates across a variety of social media channels.
The ideal proposal would come from someone with experience working with legal nonprofits, include an outline of expectations along with expected outcomes and costs,  and submit before the deadline of May 26, 2017.
If this is you take a look at the full Florida Justice Technology Center RFP here.
    Data Manager for NAPD
Our final posting is from the National Association for Public Defenders (NAPD). They are looking for someone to help manage the NAPD database, assist members with technical issues, and help maintain and promote five major listservs. This is a contract position for 12 months at 10 hours a week and flexible working locations, perfect for a student.
If this sounds interesting to you see the more detailed NAPD posting here.
Most of these postings have been gleaned from the LSNTAP Mailing list, if you want to see them before I post them here or post your own be sure to join the LSNTAP mailing list here.