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MIE Idealware Social Media Training



Andrea Berry of Idealware gave a good focused training today to the MIE community focusing on advice for organizations wanting to get started in social media. 

Major takeaways:

  • 2.5 hours a week per channel (Facebook, Youtube, Twitter ) of Social media is ideal for most smaller to mid-sized organizations. This includes measuring outcomes and finding content to post.
  • Do not over extend try one or two things at a time and measure results
  • Measure all activities to see the results, most Social media has great analyst make sure to check them at least monthly
  • Do not just broadcast, make sure to interact. No one on social media just likes being talked at
  • Social media should be part of a broader communications strategy and coordinated with press and news events
  • LinkedIn should be used as a resume; it is very popular with lawyers and a great way to find connections for professional purposes.  Very little time each month needs to be spent there, but information should be up to date.  

Other interesting observations:

  • Google plus is dead, no one is using it (outside of video hangouts)
  • People look for everything through social media from cute cat photos to legal advice or help in a time of crisis

The second in the series is:

Webinar 2:

Creating Your Social Media Policy

Monday, October 28, 2013, 2 – 3:30 pm ET

From Facebook to Twitter to LinkedIn, legal aid organizations are flocking to social media, but not all are prepared for the challenges and ramifications of what is posted and how to manage the process. Who is allowed to post?  What should you say?  What should you not say? How do you respond if someone says something positive or negative about your organization? How do you make use of what social media offers while protecting your legal aid organization, your clients, and your supporters? 

A good social media policy will provide clear guidelines as to your legal aid organization’s social media values and what staff should and shouldn’t do when posting and interacting with the community.  In this webinar, Andrea Berry of Idealware will demonstrate how the process of constructing a social media policy is as important for your organization as the product itself.

Registration for each webinar is:

$50 for MIE subscribers
$75 for non-subscribers

For this registration, you may gather multiple staff to view the presentation around one computer.  Multiple computers and/or multiple offices require separate individual registrations.

Please note registration for each webinar is a two-step process: First register online using one or both of the links below. A link will automatically be sent to you to use to log in to each respective webinar.

Register for Webinar 2 here: