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Urban Insight Webinar Tomorrow

In just under 24 hours Urban Insight will be hosting webinar where they will demonstrate the usage of of some of the new features WriteClearly, ReadClearly, and GuideClearly.
Odds are are if you haven’t heard of ReadClearly or WriteClearly you aren’t familiar with the plain language movement. Both of these two tools help you make your websites easier to understand to people without a legal background. ReadClearly is something you can install in your website that will highlight words your readers might be unfamiliar with and give define them. WriteClearly is a tool you can use to look at any website, it analyzes the text and gives an estimated reading level as well as some suggestions of things to change to make the work more accessible.
GuideClearly is a more recent tool developed by Urban Insight that allows for the easy creation of branching guides than can be embedded into webpages. This would allow you to rapidly put together systems to guide people around your site or triage them.
If you find this interesting you can sign up for the webinar here