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Video Game for Learning Estate planing


Great idea! Using video games to teach law. This could have a large impact on legal literacy. I myself lerned a lot about how code, both legal (statutes) and technological code by playing games. Combining learning the law and learning gaming seems like a natural fit. The Game is being crowd funded on Rocket Hub @ Game for Legal Services -Time Travel! An Estate Quest! Learn Law By Gaming!


Please help us create one of the first games for legal services. We believe games can empower and educate the public to know their legal rights. Your funding will help us explore the ability to do this with basic estate planning concepts. Help us build a fun, new path to increase access to the law. Funds will be used to build out four additional levels of the game, playtest, refine, and provide to the public to play for free.


  • Solve mysteries!
  • Travel through time with a Time Machine!
  • Learn the basics of estate planning!
  • Connect with real-world resources that may be used to protect your friends and family!    

Game Play
The player is a detective presented with different case files about individuals who failed to prepare estate planning for their families before their death. The player uses a time machine to time travel to different dates showing scenes in the case. Each scene is interactive with animated elements and clues for the player to discover. The clues reveal what should have been written into an estate plan to prevent the negative consequences.

Through game play, the player uses the time machine and the clues to uncover the mystery and to create a more positive outcome for the family. In the process, the player learns basic estate planning concepts and connects with real-word resources that may be used to create estate planning to protect his or her family. Facebook and Twitter connections to the game allow the player to share progress and engage with their friends and family about end of life planning. "Rewards" for completing the game in later versions will include free or discounted legal services pertaining to estate planning. This game will be mobile, cross-platform and free to play.

Examples of basic estate planning concepts used in the game: 1) Naming a guardian for your children, 2) Providing specific bequests, 3) Setting up testamentary trusts for children, 4) Naming an executor, 5) Providing for your pets, etc.

This is a game for social good intended to educate the public in a fun, social way about their legal rights as they relate to estate planning. It is not intended to provide legal advice or substitute for the advice of a licensed lawyer. 

Click Here to Play the Prototype of Level One!