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Webinar: Data Analysis Framework


Legal aid organizations can use a variety of data to better understand and address the legal needs of their client communities. This session introduces the Legal Aid Data Analysis Framework, a data analysis tool hosted by LSNTAP. The Framework can help your program proactively and strategically use a combination of internal and external data to better identify and meet the needs of your clients. It provides guidance on how to identify and answer key data questions through several types of analyses – snapshots, comparisons, trend, and spatial analyses – that can be tailored for your program.


The Framework is useful for organizations with limited data analysis experience as well as well as data-savvy organizations interested in more sophisticated analyses. The session profiles new data resources published on the LSC website, including grantee-level demographic data from the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey and a wide range of data (case services, finances, staffing, etc.) from all LSC grantees throughout the country.


You can find the slides that go along with the video here.