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Webinar: Intro to Office 365


This webinar assumes the watcher is familiar with some of more commonly used parts of the Office suite like Word and Outlook and brings them up to speed with what Office 365 can do for them. This is a good webinar if you are curious about what’s new with and to see if upgrading is right for you.


We start the webinar by talking about what is new with 365 and how being in the cloud changes things, the above circle from the slides gives a good overview of what all is included. From there we spend a few minutes going around the circle and give an overview of each segment before diving into the bulk of the webinar. There we leave the slides and open up some of the programs and look at how they operate and some of the features they offer.


Justin Bond - ETI

Sart Rowe - LSNTAP


Slides from the presentation can be found here.