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LSNTAP Training feedback survey

If you've attended any of LSNTAP's webinars, you've seen this one before - it's the suvey we send out after all of our community trainings. Here's a general version, which you can adapt to use following your own training events:


1. On a scale from 1 to 5, how useful did you find this Community Training?

            1                   2                   3                    4                    5

              Not useful at all  -  Somewhat useful  -  Very useful

2. For those of you did not already [use or provide the service discussed at the training] : After this training, do you feel more comfortable with the technology? Why or why not?

            [Response box provided]

3. Would you be interested in attending an informal roundtable discussion on this topic in the near future?

            Yes        No

4. Is there anything we can improve upon? In other words, are there any changes you would like to see for our next Community Training?

            [Response box provided]

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