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Future Think and Ethics

What risks and benefits frameworks should legal aid groups and decision makers when designing data-driven interventions? How can data regulation, policy, and standards effectively govern and provide accountability? Where should legal aid programs turn to seek guidance on... Read more
Today we ran our first webinar on GoToWebinar, there were some technical kinks to deal with it went great. Below you can watch the video and get the slides and other materials from this webinar. Don’t let cybersecurity become the next digital divide!  Learn about the... Read more
  What’s the benefit of a tech investment, and when it is worth the expense? What’s the best way to think about the return on investment of a technology project in quantitative terms? In this session, we’ll talk through the core concepts around how to consider and weigh... Read more
NTAP has just published a new guide on the basics of Copyright and Creative Commons for Legal Services.  It focus on the basics of copyright and where to find free content for videos or blogs. There is a whole chapter on best practices here is a sample:Affixing a license to... Read more
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